We mentor On Site Managers (Designate) in the delivery of caretaking and letting services to Community Title Schemes.

Google's Suite of applications underpins our methodology and approach to empowering clients to:
  • secure formal Assignment after the interview and deliberation protocols 
  • better assume operations after Settlement.
Our intervention is short in duration, low in cost and high in impact.
It ranges from Do it Yourself advice to working with a client to co produce a framework (a Roadmap).

The Road Map is a collection of customised cloud-based content - managed by Google Drive.
It is many things.      It:
  • provides body corporate committees with clearer insights on a new manager's performance capacity;
  • is structured - designed on Best Practices principles in caretaking, letting impacting on Management Rights;
  • sustains, grows and supports clients well into the future;
  • is about:
    • the culture of Business Development;
    • front-line support where new managers now have both content and training to better service all stakeholders.
Better Service - Better Business