We assist a client meet the criteria for Body Corporate approval of an Assignment Transfer or Re Assignment in the Management Rights industry.

We mentor and provide skills gap training in tools/knowledge aquisition that addresses underlying concern as to contract performance in caretaking and letting. We offer:

  • A multi purpose checklist that, combined is a Needs Analysis, Interview Aid, Milestone Indicator and Handover Task Manager
  • G suite/Custom Domain setup and training
  • A Knowledge Base (i) specific to a Community Title Scheme (CTS) (ii) generic to Management Rights; (iii) SHARED in a community cloud based cross platform and backed up by a Google's powerful search technology.

G suite is Google's Cloud based productivity program. Trusted by over five million enterprises, it offers affordable and scalable business management solutions. Our aim is to inspire clients engaged in caretaking and letting to embrace the inter connected applications that help influence, persuade and "deliver" desired outcomes.


  • Harnessing both knowledge and tools empowers.
  • Adversaries can become allies due to the collaborative design of G Suite. In turn, they too can influence and persuade their constituents thereby contributing to community ethos.
  • There is a greater sense of compliance in the workplace which underpins harmony and better service to all stakeholders.

Better Service ... Better Business